E86 AI Awards 2022 Finalist Eamonn Kenny, Senior Research Fellow at SFI ADAPT Centre

    Welcome to episode 86 of the AI Ireland podcast, the show that explores the applications and research of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the island of Ireland.

    Our mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness and everyone living in Ireland.

    In today’s episode, we will talk with Eamonn Kenny, Senior Research Fellow in the SFI ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin. A finalist in the category for Best Application of AI in an Academic Research Body for the 2022 AI Awards, Eamonn is nominated for his work with UniCOOK which uses machine learning to transform written recipes into a format understood by all.

    In the episode, Eamonn talks about:

    • How he ran software on a Playstation in Switzerland (3:00)
    • His work with UniCOOK (5:00)
    • Developing the next generation of digital cookbooks (8:20)
    • State of the art machine learning in a practical application at a supermarket (13:30)



    Join us for the fourth annual AI Awards will be take place on the 23rd of November 2022 at The Gibson Hotel Dublin 1. This year’s AI Awards are sponsored by Headline sponsor Microsoft and along with the ADAPT Centre, Alldus International, CCT College Dublin, IDA Ireland and Mazars. To attend, head over to this link and grab your ticket today: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/ai-awards-2022.

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