Scoring Criteria

The scoring criteria for the 2024 AI Awards differentiates per category but in general, the judges will score on:

  • Business Problem/Relevance
  • Solution (Complexity/Originality/Tools & Techniques)
  • Impact
  • Vision

The judges want to know how your brand, product or project can change the world in some way as well as a detailed technical overview of how this was achieved.

While there is no minimum word count, it is important to share as much detail as possible as judges will take into consideration ‘Quality of material submitted’ when comparing applications. Over the years, it is the applications that delve into as much technical detail as possible that have been shortlisted over short, poorly written or ‘marketing-esque’ submissions.


Applicants should take the following questions in mind when making their submission:

Business Problem/Relevance

  • An understanding of their business problem and their target audience/customers.
  • How did the project came about?
  • What did you do get the project up and running?


  • How did you solve the business problem?
  • What complexities and obstacles arised during the process and how did you overcome them?
  • Describe the AI/Machine Learning/ Data Science skills, tools and techniques that were used to deliver this project.
  • What was innovative about the solution?
  • What makes it stand out from the crowd it that others may have taken to the same problem?


  • How has the project impacted your company?
  • What new opportunities are now available?
  • How can it impact the world around us?


  • What is the vision for AI and technological innovation your business?
  • Why should you win this award?


Judges will score applications on a total score out of 100. The sections are scores as followed:

  • Business Problem/Relevance – 10 Points
  • Solution – 50 Points (Complexity – 15 points/Originality – 15 Points/Tools & Techniques – 2o Points)
  • Impact – 30 Points
  • Vision – 10 Points


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