The success of the AI Awards is attributed to our distinguished panel of judges, who play a crucial role in meticulously shortlisting and selecting award recipients across various categories. The expertise and discernment of our esteemed judges are integral to recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in the field of AI.

For those interested in contributing to the judging process of the upcoming AI Awards, kindly complete the form provided below.

It is important to note that prospective judges must either be Irish nationals or currently living on the island of Ireland to qualify for inclusion in the judging panel.

For a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions governing the responsibilities of the judging panel, please refer to the detailed information provided below.

Your commitment and participation will be instrumental in shaping the success of the AI Awards, providing a platform for acknowledging and honoring excellence in the realm of artificial intelligence.


Terms & Conditions for Judges

  1. All members of the judging panel must be an Irish national or working on the island of Ireland.
  2. Judges will have their photos and profiles listed on our Judges page and will be expected to help with all stages of the judging process.
  3. All judging for the shortlisting nominations should be done individually online in their own time during a 3-week time period in September/October 2024.
  4. No confidential data from nominations should be shared by judges outside of the AI Ireland network.
  5. Judges should only score via the material submitted by the applicant. AI Ireland will assign judges to categories after submissions are closed to avoid any potential bias when shortlisting nominations. Judges should declare if there is any conflict of interest among their assigned category.
  6. Judges can submit projects or their company to the application process but they will not judge the category they apply for (obviously 😉).
  7. Judges are encouraged to share feedback on the applications.
  8. Judges are volunteers and are selected by the AI Awards Ireland committee. No fee will be provided to judges.
  9. All judges will receive a complimentary ticket for the awards ceremony.