The AI Ireland Awards Rules

Please read the Terms & Condition before proceeding with your entry at the bottom of this page.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. The 2019 AI Ireland awards are open to any person or company on the island of Ireland only. Any applications made from outside Ireland will be disqualified.
  2. Global companies with a may apply, but need to have an office/operations located within the island of Ireland.
  3. 2019 Applications will open on Monday 8TH July and will close on Friday 30th August.
  4. There is no cash alternative for the award winners.
  5. A company or person can apply for a maximum of two categories.
  6. AI Ireland may allocate an application into a different category than originally selected. This will happen if we feel you are more suited to another category or you don’t quality for the category that was selected in the online submission form.
  7. AI Ireland Awards reserves the right to alter the rules and the terms & conditions at any time.
  8. We may add or remove categories based on feedback from the AI Ireland community.
  9. The AI Awards is part of AI Ireland network of websites which will promote the AI Ireland Awards to its members.
  10. Judges scores will not be made public.
  11. Your email address will be added to our communications on the AI Ireland Awards both this year and for future years.

Nomination Rules

  1. A company or person may submit nominations against a maximum of two award categories. However, an application cannot be shortlisted in more than one category.
  2. All applications will be reviewed by the panel of judges and based on defined criteria. Judges will shortlist applications for each AI Ireland award in their assigned category.
  3. Shortlisted nominations will go forward to the showcasing presentations stage at AI Ireland’s office in Smithfield on Friday 27 September.
  4. Should a nominee be unable to attend the shortlisting presentation stage, we will do our best to arrange an alternative. Should an agreement not be reached, they may have no other option than to withdraw. The next highest nominee will then be drafted in as a replacement.
  5. Winners will not be notified in advance of the awards ceremony.

Judging Process

  1. All award categories will be shortlisted and judged by the 2019 AI Ireland Awards Judges.
  2. All award categories will be decided by the judges via shortlisting nomination review and feedback from showcase events.
  3. Judges scores will be counted and used to select the winner.
  4. If no applications have been received for a given category then the panel of judges will select a winner from all submissions received and the judge’s decision is final.
  5. If there is a draw for a given category, then the AI Ireland Awards Category judges will be contacted to make a joint decision. Should an agreement not be reached, then the category’s head judge will have the final say.
  6. A company or person cannot win more than one category.

Terms & Conditions for Judges

  1. Judges will have their photos and profiles listed on our Judges page and will be expected to help with the nomination screening and selecting the winners in many of the award categories.
  2. All judging for the initial shortlisting nominations should be done individually online. Any unusual activity that may suggest judges have discussed these applications will be investigated and the judge’s scores may be ruled null and void.
  3. No confidential data from nominations should be shared by judges outside of the AI Ireland network. Breach of this will result in removal from the process.
  4. Judges cannot influence which category they will be assigned unless agreed as part of a sponsorship package.
  5. Judges will then be required to attend the shortlist presentations day on Friday 27 September where the nominees will present their projects to the judges assigned in their category.
  6. Judges are volunteers and are selected by the AI Awards Ireland committee. No fee will be provided to judges.

Confidential Data

Take note that when submitting project information, please do not share confidential information or data.

It is important to note that no one should submit any info or data that is in any way critical or that represents anything that cannot be shared to a group of judges and advisors. In relation to IP, it is up to the applicant to protect the Intellectual Property.

Applications can submit data and charts but only for a specific project and never including any sensitive or critical data. The data will be stored in the cloud and once the competition is closed the data will be deleted.

Do not submit any data or information that relates to a person or group of persons and/or any information that can be used to identify a person and/or group of persons.

AI Awards will do our best to protect your personal data and projects submitted to the website. However, unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Taking this into consideration we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the site; any transmission is at your own risk. For this reason, AI Awards does not take any responsibility for information that has been submitted.

If you have any further queries, please contact Liam McNamara, Community Manager at AI Ireland on before you make any applications.