E100 Dr. David Brown, Archival Discovery Lead for Beyond 2022 and Research Fellow with the ADAPT Centre

    Welcome to episode 100 of the AI Ireland podcast, the show that explores the applications and research of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the island of Ireland.

    Our mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness and everyone living in Ireland.

    In today’s episode, our guest is Dr. David Brown, Archival Discovery lead for Beyond 2022 and Research Fellow with the ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin. David was part of the team at the Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland who were nominated for the 2022 AI Awards.

    The Treasury re-imagines and reconstructs through digital technologies the Public Record Office of Ireland, a magnificent archive destroyed on June 30th, 1922, in the opening engagement of the Civil War. Together with partners across Ireland and around the world, they are democratizing access to invaluable records and illuminating seven centuries of Irish history.

    Topics include:

    • The goal of the Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland
    • An insight into the types of data they work with
    • Challenges they faced & using ML to overcome them
    • Other applications they are focusing on
    • Insights from the VRTI that interested him



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