Best Application of AI in a Startup

    This award is designed to help up and coming AI start-up companies raise their profile to the Irish market and beyond. If your company has been operating in Ireland since January 2018, has less than 50 employees and a balance sheet not exceeding €10 million, then this is the award for you.

    The deadline for applications if Midnight, Friday 25th of August 2023.


    What to Include in Your Application

    It is important to provide as much detail as possible in your application. The more thought and effort put into your initial submission the better chance you will have of being shortlisted.

    The judging panel wants to know how your brand, product or project can change the world in some way. They will judge on relevance, originality, complexity and impact.

    All nominees and winners will be judged solely on the online submissions. Therefore, it is vital to include as much information as possible in the form below.

    For more details about the scoring criteria, click here

    Further information and T&C’s can be found here

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