Best Application of AI to achieve Social Good

    This award celebrates innovative and disruptive AI-based solutions that address significant national and global societal challenges. Whether it is tacking global climate change, innovations to improve future education, new drug discoveries to combat cancer and other diseases, this is the award for you! We want to see fascinating solutions into how AI can change the world for the greater good.


    What to Include in Your Application

    It is important to provide as much detail as possible in your application. The more thought and effort put into your initial submission the better chance you will have of being shortlisted.

    The judging panel wants to know how your brand, product or project can change the world in some way. They will judge on relevance, originality, complexity and impact.

    All nominees and winners will be judged solely on the online submissions. Therefore, it is vital to include as much information as possible in the form below.


    Company Profile

    Please provide a brief overview of what your company does. How has your company started to apply AI and new technology within the business? What inspired you to do so and what is the goal?


    Reason for Nomination

    In your application, your entry form should include the following:

    Societal Issue

    • What is the societal issue/problem to be addressed?
    • How does it manifest?
    • How does it affect people’s lives?
    • What is the scale of issue/problem?


    • How will this issue/problem be addressed?
    • What role does AI play in the solution?
    • How does AI enable the solution?
    • Is the approach novel/unique?
    • How will the solution fit/operate within existing structures (or not)?
    • What evidence is there that the solution will address this issue/problem?
    • Will the solution be cost-effective?
    • Can it be scaled/sustained? If so, how?


    • What change will the solution bring about in society/people’s lives?
    • What will success look like?
    • How will progress against achieving impact be monitored?


    Additional Information

    This is where you provide any additional information that you feel is important to mention that may not have been covered in the points above.

    This could be originality, complexity, what separates your brand/product/project from the competition or the time & resources put in to make this happen.

    Deadline extended midnight Monday 5 September

    For more details about the scoring criteria, click here

    Further information and T&C’s can be found here


    Applications are now Closed!

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