The AI Ireland Awards Rules

Please read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding with your entry

General Terms & Conditions

  • The Irish AI Awards are open to any company with a presence on the island of Ireland, individuals working in Ireland or Irish individuals working abroad. Applications without an Irish connection will not be considered.
  • Winners will receive a hand-crafted Award statue designed by PromoCraft and will be featured in national media coverage such as RTE, Silicon Republic, and The Irish Times. No cash award will be provided.
  • Each person or single project from a company can apply for a maximum of two categories.
  • Official AI Ireland membership is not required for application. The awards are open to the general Irish public and are free to enter.
Application Process
  • If nominating on behalf of someone else, ensure mutual agreement and that the nominee’s name and contact details match the application form.
  • AI Ireland may reallocate applications to different categories if deemed more suitable or if the original category selection does not qualify.
  • AI Ireland reserves the right to alter the rules and terms & conditions at any time and may add or remove categories based on received applications.
  • Judges’ scores will not be disclosed publicly, but additional feedback can be requested.
  • By applying, your email address will be added to AI Ireland’s communications for both current and future years.


Nomination Rules

Deadline & Categories:
  • Applications for the 2024 AI Awards are open until August 30, 2024.
  • A single project from a company or individual may submit nominations for up to two award categories.
  • All applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges during a three-week period in September/October 2024 based on defined criteria.
  • Shortlisted nominations will be announced in October 2024, and winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony on 26 November 2024 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin.


Judging Process

Panel & Selection
  • All award categories will be shortlisted and judged by a panel of AI Ireland Awards Judges, with a minimum of three judges for each category.
  • Judges will decide nominees and winners solely based on online applications, shortlisting the top three or four highest-scoring submissions in each category.
  • In case of tie-breakers, the entry ranking higher among the majority of judges will be selected.


Terms & Conditions for Judges

Eligibility & Responsibilities
  • Judges must be Irish citizens or residents of the island of Ireland to be eligible.
  • Judges’ photos and profiles will be listed on the Judges page and are expected to assist in all stages of the judging process.
  • All judging should be done individually online, and no confidential data from nominations should be shared outside the AI Ireland network.
  • Judges should declare any conflicts of interest, and they cannot judge the category they apply for.
  • Judges are volunteers selected by the AI Awards Ireland committee and will not receive any fees.
  • Judges are encouraged to provide feedback on applications but not required to do so.


Tickets for the Awards Ceremony

Allocation & Availability
  • Sponsors, nominees and paid members of AI Ireland will receive the first allocation of tickets.
  • Each finalist will receive one complimentary ticket to the event.
  • Additional tickets for nominees will be available at a discount, with student and startup rates offered.
  • Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets will be available before the event.
  • Judges will receive one complimentary ticket each, and sponsors will receive tickets as agreed in their sponsorship package.


Day of the Awards Ceremony

Event Details
  • The ceremony will take place on 26 November 2024 at the Marker Hotel, from morning to afternoon.
  • Smart casual dress code.
  • Attendees must register through Eventbrite, as tickets will be checked at registration.
  • Those without tickets or not registered will be denied entry.
  • Winners and selected sponsor representatives will be required to participate in a short video after the ceremony.


Confidential Data

Take note that when submitting project information, please do not share confidential information or data.

It is important to note that no one should submit any info or data that is in any way critical or that represents anything that cannot be shared to a group of judges and advisors. In relation to IP, it is up to the applicant to protect the Intellectual Property.

Applications can submit data and charts but only for a specific project and never including any sensitive or critical data. The data will be stored in the cloud and once the competition is closed the data will be deleted.

Do not submit any data or information that relates to a person or group of persons and/or any information that can be used to identify a person and/or group of persons.

AI Awards will do our best to protect your personal data and projects submitted to the website. However, unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Taking this into consideration we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the site; any transmission is at your own risk. For this reason, AI Awards does not take any responsibility for information that has been submitted.

If you have any further queries, please contact Liam McNamara, Community Manager at AI Ireland on before you make any applications.