AI Awards 2024: FAQ for Applicants

    Thinking about applying for the 2024 AI Awards? Here is a run down of our most frequently asked questions about what’s involved throughout the application and nomination process .


    1. Who is eligible to participate in the Irish AI Awards?

    The Irish AI Awards are open to any company with a presence on the island of Ireland, individuals working in Ireland or Irish individuals working abroad. Applications lacking an Irish connection will not be considered.

    2. What are the rewards for winners?

    Winners will receive a custom-designed Award statue by PromoCraft and will gain exposure in national media outlets such as RTE, Silicon Republic, and The Irish Times. There is no cash prize.

    3. How much does it cost to enter?

    It is FREE to submit an application to the 2024 AI Awards.

    4. How can I apply to the AI Awards?

    Simply go to, click on the category you would like to apply for and fill out the application form provided.

    5. When do applications open?

    We are now accepting applications for the 2024 AI Awards.

    6. What is the application deadline?

    Applications for the 2024 AI Awards are open until August 30, 2024.

    7. How many categories can I apply to?

    Each person or single project from a company can apply to a maximum of two categories.

    8. Can I nominate someone else?

    Yes, you nominate on behalf of someone else but please ensure mutual agreement. When filling in the form, fill out the name of the person and contact details of who you are nominating.

    9. Should I include sensitive data in the application?

    It is advised not to share confidential information or data. However if this is crucial to your application, please email before finalising your submission.

    10. Can I update my application after making a submission?

    If you have already made an application but would like to add/remove or update details of the submission, you can do so up until the deadline on 30 August. Email with any changes you wish to make before the deadline.

    11. How many stages are there in the application process?

    There is just one stage which is the online submissions. All nominees and winners are decided upon solely from your application forms so therefore it’s crucial to include as much information as you can in the application form.

    12. How are nominees and winners selected?

    All applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges during a three-week period in September/October 2024 based on defined criteria. Shortlisted nominations will be announced in October 2024, and winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony in November 2024.

    13. Who are the judges?

    Judges are volunteers and are carefully selected by the team at AI Ireland. To see a full list of judges, visit

    14. When will I know if my application has been successful?

    Following the closing of applications, judges will have a 3-week period in September/early October to review and score applications. All applicants will be notified if their application has been successful ahead of the nominees reveal on 14 October 2024.

    15. Are there any pre-ceremony requirements for nominees?

    Each successful nominee will be required to provide a 60-90 second video outlining their application. These videos will be shown to attendees at the awards ceremony.

    16. When and where is the Awards Ceremony?

    The ceremony will take place on 26 November at the Marker Hotel, from 8:30am to 1pm.

    17. Do I need to provide a presentation at the Awards ceremony?

    No, nominees do not need to prepare a presentation. As mentioned all judging is done solely by your online submissions. Therefore, on the day of the ceremony, relax, enjoy and hope you will take home an award.

    18Do I need tickets for the awards ceremony?

    Yes, the AI Awards is a fee-paying event but each finalist will receive one complimentary ticket only. Additional tickets for colleagues, family or friends will be available at a discount for €99.

    19. What is the dress code for the event?

    A smart casual dress code.

    20. Are there any post-ceremony requirements for winners?

    Yes, winners will be required to participate in a short video after the ceremony.


    We hope your questions have been answered in regards to applying for the 2024 AI Awards. If you have any further questions, please email