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Ai Awards Ireland 2018

The AI Awards aims to increase public awareness and support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by bringing academia and industry together to showcase and recognize the excellent AI work and dedication within AI on the island of Ireland. The AI Awards 2018 will:

  • Reward, showcase and highlight the research, applications and products of the AI community in Ireland
  • Promote and market Ireland globally as a first-choice home for AI investment and job creation, research and product development
  • Any profit from the AI Awards 2018 will be reinvested in the AI community in Ireland


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Award Categories

Key AI Awards Dates


Closing Applications            14/09/18

Shortlists Announced           19/09/18

Shortlist Presentations         28/09/18

Awards Ceremony                22/11/18

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AI Ireland is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting, advancing and rewarding corporate and academic excellence in AI innovation, research & development and products. AI Ireland seeks to create, nurture and foster a world-class AI ecosystem in Ireland for corporate and academic organizations that drives theoretical and applied AI research & development, investment and job creation.